Covid 19 and being autistic

If you see me shopping and I’m not wearing a mask this not because I do not want to, its because I physically I can’t.

I can’t deal with things on my face weather its a scarf or even my glasses I struggle to wear them, even tho I need them to see. They irritate me face in a way I cannot begin to explain. I don’t wear hats for the same reason alway hoods and maybe a headband for half a day if I am feeling adventurous 😂😂😂.

The same goes for gloves I can’t deal with me hands being covered I have to be able to feel things and gloves get in the way of that, I have had a melt down before because of gloves, I don’t even wear them in hight of winter i would rather my hands become painfully cold which sounds ridiculous but I feel like my sense of touch is blocked.

It’s crazy how PPE could right now could protect my life and even knowing this I physically cannot wear it. Don’t judge people who aren’t wearing because they might be like me and feel like there sences are being blocked and cannot deal with.

A photo of when I had to take Albert to the Dr and they would only see us with masks on. This was hell and I hated it and found is so hard.


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