First day out with albert since being diagnosed with Postnatal depression

I was scared about today, i have been off my tablets for a while now. I have been feeling great, however I haven’t been with Albert on my own for longer than a few hours.I had taken the day off to be with him after his 12 month injections. I wanted to make the day as fun as possible though I was terrified what if I took ten steps backwads and couldn’t cope and we where out. What if I had a melt down autistic and other wise. I worry about after autistic melt down when we go out nosies bright lights. Even more so when Albert’s screaming or having a bad day.Well I am proud to say I didn’t and we had a great day we went for his injections which wasn’t so great. Its started with the shower breaking which ment us sharing a bath, even with that set back we still got out of the house by 9 am. However the rest of it was fantastic we went to see everyone in work and that was just the start he fell asleep I got to have a coffee in piece and quite. We went to the winter gardens and the millennium gallery. Went for lunch in cafe rouge where Albert ate a full adult’s portion of eggs Benedict. We went for Albert’s first trip to the cinema where he fell asleep. Then we went to heeley city farm park.Tho there where downsides he wet him self and screamed every time I tried to change him. Screamed and shouted for his dad every five minutes while he was awake, clearly I’m not as fun.I just wanted to say things are looking up and I feeling alot better. I loved our day together it was hard but we got through it.

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