My first blog

So here I am in the bath and my other half Jack has just asked me if its ok if goes to play cards with his friends tomorrow, let me just get this across I don’t begrudge him going. I of course said I yes, as I really don’t mind.

However it has made me question me the only friends I really have are in Manchester I have 2 friends in Sheffield and don’t get me wrong I am very grateful for these friends ay I am, I may be a big character however what you see is what you get, i’m not false and try to stay out of such things.

As I write this it’s hard to get my words out as I struggle with this but I thought I would try as I am going to try and go to more mother and baby things to try and become less isolated and become better at socializing as an adult, and help Albert socialise.

It’s hard when you have no friends its even harder when you have no friends and a baby to think of.

That’s it for now I will be back soon. IMG_9779

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